Hello Everyone and No One

Blaaargh this site is a mess. Someone help me. asdhfdslfhdsafkhfdsf
Site is still being built. Please do not take legal action.

Hello, everyone. I like eating fried chicken because fried chicekn is good and i like the way it tastes because this is a dummy paragraph and also i like eating mashed potatoes. I also like eating food because the government is watching me.

Sorry for the last paragraph. This site is still rather young (an hour, currently..) and I need to include a dummy paragraph to make it look like I actually have content. So, yeah. Also, the formatting is awful. I'll fix that later.

This intro is awful. Don't read it. Click on the cat or something to continue.

I should probably give a backstory to why I am working on such a poorly-made html site. I'm not going to talk about my life, not because I'm scared of revealing who I am or anything. Frankly, I'm not scared of losing my identity. Probably because I don't have one yet. My problems are besides the point, though. At the moment, at least to you, I am just another trace of a person on the internet. I'm not invisible, though. Yes, I'm effectively the same person who wrote the last blog you read. I'm that guy who sent you a creepy message on your social network. I'm that person pouring their life's work into some little train blog that maxes out at 50 views a day. []

I am a random person on the internet.

And that's all that matters to you. There's a bit more to me, a lot, actually, but I'll save you from having to read my life story. Maybe later. Anyway, I may as well give myself a name, since I can't use my real one. (What if I don't have one? Spooky.) I'll be called- no, you can call me- Niyk. I like that name. I don't even know how to pronounce it, and it sounds cool. Yeah, I'll be Niyk, master of the small bits of code that make this website. I am become Niyk, the destroyer of worlds. Is that a meme? I don't know; I'm not good with those things.

Anyway, you can access the site by clicking on the big cat up there. I hid a hyperlink there. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO